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Meet the Team

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CEO & Founder

Meet Caitlin, the visionary behind MC Marketing & Content. Fueled by a profound passion for fostering the growth of local businesses, building community connections, and empowering business owners, Caitlin's entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of MC Marketing & Content. Caitlin aspired to build a business that serves as a bridge between businesses and consumers, actively partnering with companies to craft vibrant and engaging online brand presences on their behalf.


Drawing from her diverse background in operations and management—having previously held the role of VP of Operations at two prominent companies—Caitlin brings a wealth of experience to the table. Understanding the many challenges businesses face in navigating the digital realm Caitlin established MC Marketing & Content to be a guiding light for those seeking to showcase their unique offerings online and connect with their customers. Beyond her professional endeavors, Caitlin is a dog mom, aunt and foodie to the core (check out her instagram for proof @Ms.Chester_NJ). 

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Operations Manager

Meet Cali. With a rich background in office administration & photography, Cali seamlessly blends her organizational aptitude, attention to detail & photography experience to support our team in all day-to-day operations. In her multifaceted role, Cali takes on various responsibilities – from carefully reviewing content & providing photography services to supporting the CEO & running our website, ensuring it keeps pace with our company's growth. Client satisfaction isn't just a goal for Cali; it's a commitment she wholeheartedly embraces. Beyond the business realm, Cali is a mom (1 teenager & 1 rescue dog), a passionate foodie & a loungewear aficionado.

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Content Enthusiast

Meet Karly, MC Marketing & Content's head Content Enthusiast and the backbone of our company. Karly got her start in social media working for a popular snowboarding company in NYC and now brings her vast experience and knowledge of all things content & social media to MCMC. Karly's creative prowess shines through in her Canva-based content creation and organization, ensuring that a brand's message is communicated effectively and in a visually captivating way. Karly's commitment to engagement across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more ensures audiences remain connected, intrigued & engaged while promoting authentic growth. In her free time, Karly loves to cook, spend time with her dog and cat, and enjoy reality TV.

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Content Enthusiast

Meet Taylor Jayne, a seasoned professional with a diverse background as a human resource coordinator, virtual assistant, and business owner. With a passion for simplifying the lives of business owners, Taylor thrives on tackling tasks that demand time and attention allowing businesses to focus their energy on other aspects of the company. Taylor's creative spirit shines through each piece of content she creates and as a valued member of our team, she plays a pivotal role in content creation. Taylor leverages her expertise and keen eye for design and seamlessly pairs it with her dedication to understanding the unique voice of each client. She excels in translating their distinct brand identity into visually compelling content that resonates authentically. Away from the desk, Taylor finds joy in going to concerts, reading, and pub trivia. 



Content Creator

Meet Shelby, a ​c​reative young professional driven by ambition and a profound passion for content creation and social media management. With a BFA in Filmmaking and a minor in Journalism, Shelby ​b​rings with her a wealth of creative ideas and experience which shine through in the engaging content she produces for our clients. Shelby ​a​dds an extra layer of finesse to ​her ​photos and videos during the editing process, ensuring everything she produces will exceed client expectations. Shelby cherishes this job as it gives her the chance to express her ​boundless creativity every day. In her free time, this exuberant film aficionado loves to read, act, and listen to music — particularly Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

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