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Apple Cider Donuts - Chester, NJ

I had a hard job on Columbus Day, I took it upon myself to try EVERY apple cider donut at the 4 farms located in Chester, NJ, the things I do for y'all!!

I went to...

Alstede Farms located at 1 Alstede Farms Lane, Chester, NJ - multiple locations

Stony Hill Farms located at 15 North Road, Chester, NJ - multiple locations

Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill located at 104 State Park Road, Chester, NJ

Riamede Farm located at 122 Oakdale Road, Chester, NJ

Left top: Alstede Farms, Right top: Stony Hill, Left bottom: Hackelbarney, Right bottom: Riamede

Alstede Farms

The first farm that I visited was Alstede Farms, located 2 minutes from the center of town. I did not consume any donuts that were right out of the oven or fryer therefore my reviews are based on those that have been sitting, but of course not for long, right? The donuts that were available were only in the 6 pack. I would have loved to buy 1 or 2, however, gotta do what I gotta do for YOU! They are large and have a light cinnamon sugar coating on top. It has a great apple cider flavor as well as cinnamon which you can see little specks in the donut itself. YUM!

Alstede Farms

Stony Hill Farms

It was my first time going to Stony Hill Farms even though I have driven by it SO many times. Stony Hill Farms is located on the opposite side of Chester compared to Alstede Farms, about 2 minutes from the center of town on the way to the local Chester Pool. You walk up to music playing, mums and pumpkins. Inside, there are fruits, vegetables, pies and more. Of course they had apple cider donuts, self serve with three flavors: original, cinnamon/powdered sugar and powdered sugar. The donuts are medium in size. Stony Hill Farms also had a distinct apple cider flavor, with notable cinnamon specks in the center of the dough. YUM!

Stony Hill Farm

Stony Hill Farm apple cider donuts

Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill

I have been to Hacklebarney Farm once before to get the maple bacon donut (it is soooo good).Today's trip was of course about the apple cider donut. Hacklebarney, just like Stony Hill Farms, offered three different flavors: regular, cinnamon/powdered sugar and powdered sugar. They also have other baked good including cider crumb cake, chocolate crumb cake, maple donuts and more. I bought a spiced jelly when I was there the first time that I am saving for a Thanksgiving Day appetizer to put over brie (drool). The donut was deeeelicious. It was again, not fresh out of the fryer, but you can tell this donut is fried because it was still crispy!! It was the first donut that I took three bites of (since I was eating 3 OTHERS, I gave myself a limit of 2 bites of each). YUM!

Hacklebarney Farm donuts plus more!

Riamede Farm

I have passed Riamede Farm a few times as it is actually the closest to where we live. I did not know it was there for the longest time however there are signs on Rt. 206 and more signs that guide you along the way. It is located up a hill, so you drive up the driveway to the farmhouse, parking, and apple trees behind. The storefront did not have much. The donuts were sold in threes, again, the things I do for you!! The Riamede Farm donuts were delicious, they actually had more of banana flavor?? Anyone else taste that? They had one choice, cinnamon and sugar. I really enjoyed the coating as there was an abundance of cinnamon and sugar! YUM!

The "Best of" for Apple Cider Donuts

Best apple cider flavor: Alstede Farms

- you can really taste the apple cider in the donut as well as the cinnamon, you can see it in the donut as well!

Best coating: Riamede Farm

- I personally love a good cinnamon sugar coating, that is exactly what you got from the Riamede Farm donuts, if you like that, head to Riamede!

Best "not fresh off the fryer" freshness: Hacklebarney Farm

- I did not consume any donuts that were right out of the oven or fresh baked, however they were still all very fresh. You may be able to get that on the weekend when they are in high, high demand. The donuts at Hacklebarney Farm still had a crunch from being in the fryer which was very enjoyable.

Best options: Stony Hill/Hacklebarney Farm

- Stony Hill and Hacklebarney both had multiple flavors including regular, cinnamon/powdered sugar and powdered sugar. I love having options!!

Best storefront: Hacklebarney Farm

- The Hacklebarney Farm storefront is so cozy and it is filled with amazing different foods and the smell from the donuts, baked goods, pies, sauces and more is amazing. The ride to get there is beautiful as well.

Best "farm like" feel: Riamede Farm

- Riamede Farm is located up a hill. You drive up the hill and see the apple trees on the right, farmhouse on the left. I loved going up the hill to see the farm.

Let me know which donuts you liked the best! Everyone has different opinions and I would love to hear yours!


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