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Bella’s Burger Shack

Y’all already know I love burgers and new restaurants so when dinner consists of both, BADA BOOM, life is good.

Mr. Chester and I have been living in Chester for 4 years this month and have not been to Bella’s Burger Shack since we moved in. By that I mean, Mr. Chester has gone but not for 5-6 years, I have never been.

I told Mr. Chester yesterday I wanted to go to Bella’s soon as a few ladies at lunch the other today told me it was really good. I was shocked, I’m not sure why.

We decided today was the day. Bella’s is located in Basking Ridge, near the church at the end of the street. If you are looking at the church, you go right, then take your first right and go into the parking lot on the… right, you guessed it. Bella’s is nestled in the corner on the far RIGHT. Okay, I won’t use that word again.

You take a few steps down towards the white building with red accents into a simply decorated burger shack. You walk in and look up to a large menu with options between burgers, wings, chicken, fries, mozzarella sticks and more. I love onion rings, LOVE. Someone recommended them before we went and I knew I wanted one on my burger. I was going to build my own but eventually spotted Bella’s burger, always go with a classic for your first visit anywhere. Bella’s burger has cheese, bacon, onion ring and bella’s sauce. The sauce reminded me of a spiced Big Mac sauce, with less acid. Mr. Chester got the fried chicken sandwich and we got an order of cheese fries with cheese on the side and teriyaki wings. They had Boylan creamy red birch beer, yum.

The food was ready in less than 10 minutes and delivered to our table. We were excited, really excited. Which always makes us a little nervous that our high expectations will ruin it.

Our high expectations were met. The fries looked greasy in the brown paper bag but were perfect. They were on the well done side which I prefer. They looked like Five Guys fries but were better in my opinion, there’s are too soggy for me. I dipped the fry in the cheese sauce which wasn’t a bright orange like usual, much lighter in color. It was delicious.

Next, the burger. It is smaller than usual, which I love because surprisingly I rarely finish a burger. It was so good. Between the sauce, cheese, bacon and onion ring, really delicious. I looked at Mr. Chester and he said “yeah?”… yup. He got the fried chicken sandwich, which I said, “we aren’t basing it off the chicken, it’s Bella’s Burger Shack”. IT WAS YUM. We think it was thigh, which is the best. Two pieces of chicken, avocado, oh my! Mr. Chester also got teriyaki wings which he loved. I thought they were overdressed but, that’s me. Im not a huge wing lover and he is.

Overall, if you’re craving a delicious burger, go to Bella’s now.


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