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Coco Luxe - Peapack, NJ

I went to Coco Luxe about 2 years ago with the family however I asked my Instagram followers to vote where I should go to breakfast on Saturday, October 5th and they (you) voted for Coco Luxe in Peapack, NJ!

After the Wine with Friends event on Friday night at the Chester Public Library, I slept in until about 9:30 am, and then did not pull myself out into the frigid air of 37 degrees in Chester, NJ (ok, 57 in the house but still so cold) until 10 am. I got up, threw my sweater dress on over high wasted jeans with some booties and went to Peapack, NJ.

I arrived at Coco Luxe at about 10:25 am. I walked across the street towards Coco Luxe seeing two outdoor tables full with people. The sun was shining and it was so comfortable being in a sweater, jeans and booties. There was not a long line and I jumped right in ordering a mushroom and swiss quiche, almond croissant and medium coffee. The coffee is self serve on the left hand side of the shop. They have to go cups as well as white mugs. I took a white mug, filled it with half and half then coffee on top, I feel as though it mixes itself this way. I was shocked to have gotten a high top table right next to the door. There was the WSJ on one of the chairs. I sat down with a cup of coffee and started reading the WSJ right next to a couple, both on their Ipads reading. It felt good to have an actual paper in my hands.

It took about 5 minutes for my almond croissant to be served with a fork and knife. It was cut in half, lengthwise and they put the almond yumminess in between. I have had many almond croissants; Trader Joe's, Maria's Coffee almond croissant and a few others. About 5 minutes later, a spinach and cheddar quiche came my way. Not what I ordered, but that is ok, they were very busy.

The quiche was good, could use a bit more cheese, salt and pepper. The croissant, honestly, seemed little bit stale and the almond deliciousness needed a bit more almond flavor.

About every five minutes, there would be a crowd of people who came in; a lot of bike riders passing through, horseback riders who just finished their morning jaunt, mothers and kids who want a delicious brunch as well as couples, mothers and daughters or even those who are breakfasting alone like me!! The Mr. works every weekend so I am left to try things on my own or with friends.

The bottom line...

Distance from the center of Chester, NJ: 12 minutes

The wait: it could be 3 minutes to 12 minutes

Service: they seem to be in a rush, which I understand

Cost: not bad! An almond croissant, small quiche and coffee was less than $10!!

Kids: totally welcome

Rating: 3 out of 5

Why? I felt as though they were rushed to serve the crowd. The atmosphere is great, the black and white floors, the high top tables, the WSJ laying around, loved it. I ordered a quiche and I got the other one, which is totally fine however could use more salt, pepper and cheese (flavor). I got the almond croissant however there was not enough almond-ness. The coffee was good.


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