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El Monte Coffee Roasters

One thing that Chester, NJ isn’t missing is good coffee shops. We have Maria’s Coffee, Starbucks, Dunkin’ and El Monte. I try to avoid Dunkin’ and Starbucks as much as possible and support small business but sometimes ya just need it, DON’T JUDGE.

This morning I slept in. Mr. Chester left the house around 6 am so made his morning coffee hours ago. I woke up around 10 am after rolling around between 6-10 am feeling stuffed up and with a slight headache. For some reason, I immediately didn’t want to make my own coffee and of course I wanted a baked good. First thought, EL MONTE!

El Monte is located in the center of Chester, NJ. It is tucked in the corner of a small building with the front door facing away from main street. As you walk in, you immediately feel welcome. There are seats and couches and as you walk up to order your coffee, you are stunned by the number for baked goods available. They have scones and croissants with so many flavors. My favorites are the chocolate croissant, scone and cinnamon scone. They are full of so much flavor, butter and deliciousness. Today I also tried the bono bread for the first time. It is a Colombian baked bread with cheese throughout.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to visit and we did not trade product for posting this masterpiece.


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