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Frank Anthony Salon - Chester, NJ

I am the type of girl who gets her hair cut every 6 months, I have NEVER colored my hair. I often wear my hair in a bun, I can't even find my hair straightener and my hairdresser said I do not have any premature grays, woot, woot! I am sure they are coming. Am I lazy? Maybe.

I have not gotten my hair cut in well over a year and I used to go to Tru Salon in Branchburg, NJ where I grew up, however I do not want to drive all the way there anymore. I have been using the same hairdresser for 13 years!!! I went to one other person once and regretted it!!!

I have been following Frank Anthony Salon for a year now on Instagram and drive by it all the time driving to Top Dog Day Camp. I love the pictures of Frank Anthony himself. FA (Frank Anthony) Salon reached out to me on Instagram via Direct Message and wanted to treat me to some hair coloring, cut and blow dry!! It was perfect, I need to find a new hair salon and it is sooo close to my house.

I went for my 10:15 am appointment on Friday, October 4th, showing up at 10:16 am, ugh, I hate being late, even one minute! I walked through the front door, located in the basement of an office building on Route 206 just 3 minutes from the center of Chester, NJ. I walked in to multiple people smiling and welcoming me to the salon. I gave them my name and I was ready to go in less than 3 minutes. I met Jai, who runs the salon, what a gem!! We actually grew up in the same town!!

I met with Danielle first, she is a hair colorist at the salon however does a lot of things there! We talked about how I have NEVER colored my hair and I was SCARED! She said it will be fine. I showed her pictures on my phone and explained I wanted a caramel, natural looking color. She said, let's do a caramel with spice for the Fall. She had great red hair and I trusted her fully. I sat in a chair in the color room, as there are many rooms! Cutting room, spa area, male portion, it's huge!! I was offered coffee, tea, water, anything you could want. Danielle said they have the best chai tea latte she has ever and she sold me. Honestly, it WAS the best chai tea latte I have ever had!! Thick and creamy with great flavor. I had not eaten any breakfast yet and then they were walking around with 1/4 cut pieces of tuna sandwiches! It was perfect.

Danielle started "lifting" my hair by painting it and putting saran wrap on top. It was lightening up the brown color of my hair so it could be toned to the caramel color (I think that's what it was, although I am not a hair stylist so don't believe anything I say). The process of painting took about 45 minutes, then sat for 20-30 minutes just relaxing/working (always). We then headed to the sink and she washed it out and then she put a bottle of something she concocted in the back. That sat for about 15 minutes.

While I was waiting, Jai brought over a book that had a bunch of thank you letters from women who have been treated to a free spa day through Diva for a Day. Have you heard of it? It is a great thing. You can nominate someone who has breast cancer and then local spas and salons TREAT the person and treat them like a Diva for the DAY for free! I have had some direct contact with the non-profit foundation however that is for another day. It is great to see Frank Anthony Salon being part of this.

After about 15 minutes, Shay, the cutest hair stylist ever, came to wash my hair and take me to the back of the building for a cut. Now, I am telling you, I have not gotten my hair cut from someone else in sooooo long it scares me and I told her that (hope I didn't make her nervous). I told her I just wanted it trimmed, as I am trying to grow it long again. She did an AMAZING job. Simple cut, long layers, truly perfect. She dried it great as well!!

I was soooo happy with my experience at the Frank Anthony Salon. Many of the people who work there have been there for 10-20 years, Shay being there for 6 and loving it. You can really feel how happy everyone is. The customer service is a 10/10. Everyone was sooo nice, I felt so welcome and it is a great place to hang out for the day and get pampered.

The bottom line...

Distance from the center of Chester, NJ: about 3 minutes!

The wait: with an appointment, less than 3 minutes!

Service: amazing service, 10/10

Cost: great, the cost of the cut was HALF of what I was used to and JUST as good

Kids: not sure if they service kids but I am sure they do!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Why? I was taken immediately, no wait, sometimes I waited 15 minutes at other salons. The people were sooo welcoming and nice. The hair color was PERFECT, the cut was PERFECT! I truly don't say that often. Drink, food, and fun!

Disclaimer: I was treated to my services by the salon and promoted it on my page. HOWEVER, my rating and reviews are based on my experience and the TRUTH. If my hair came out horribly, I would have to tell you. I showed you pictures, it looks damn good!! I left very good tips therefore, I did pay!


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