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Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop - Mendham, NJ

Well it finally happened, I made it to Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop today. Wow, I cannot believe it is already 10/20, where is the time going? Someone recently told me life goes faster the older you get. Do you agree?

Anyway, this past Friday on 10/18, I partnered up with Urban Cottage located in Peapack, NJ for a girls night out! It was fantastic. I was so happy to see familiar faces as well as new faces. We drank champagne, ate baked brie (thanks a Michelle!), received tarot card readings and shopped! Thank you so much to all the local business who offered giveaways for the event!

Frank Anthony Salon

Stella Valentine

Yophoric Yogurt

The Chocolate Shoppe

Dhyana Yoga

Stony Hill Farms

OMG Burger and Brew

Long Valley Brew Pub

My friend and I went to grab a bagel at Mendham Bagel and Coffee Shop around 9:45 am on Sunday, it was PACKED! There were so many options, from plain bagels to Oreo bagel, egg bagels to egg everything bagels. I went to try the Cap’n Crunch bagel! I looooove Cap’n Crunch. We don’t keep it in the house of course because it’s 103% sugar.

The bagel shop also has many different cream cheese options; veggie, Oreo, crumb cake, funfetti! It’s really cool that there are so many different options. I wanted to try the pumpkin cream cheese. I’m not a HUGE pumpkin fan or someone who orders a pumpkin spice latte, but I was intrigued.

The wait was not too long, about 5 minutes. I ordered the Cap’n Crunch bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and a medium hazelnut coffee. There were young girls working the registers, seemed a little stressed since there was so

much going on.

Coffee was delicious. Hit the spot of course. How was the bagel? The bagel itself was good, good texture, not too bready. Unfortunately, you could not taste the Cap’N Crunch at all. It’s almost like the flavor got baked off in the cooking process. I am thinking maybe a Cap’N Crunch cream cheese would be good?? Or grinding it up and adding it directly into the bagel dough? Options, options.

The cream cheese was deeeelicious. It was such a great texture, almost like a whipped cream cheese. It was slightly sweet but in no way overpowering. You can taste the pumpkin and some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg perhaps. If you like salty and sweet, I would try an egg everything bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, mmmMmm.

The bottom line...

Distance from the center of Chester, NJ: 8 minutes

The wait: 5 minutes

Service: the girls seemed to be stressed and overwhelmed but everything came out well!

Cost: two bagels and cream cheese and two coffees was $12 and change

Kids: totally perfect

Rating: 3.6 out of 5

Why? While the Cap’n Crunch was a good thought, the final product did not have any Cap’n Crunch flavor unfortunately. The pumpkin cream cheese was fantastic, I highly recommend it. The hazelnut coffee was very good as well. There are a variety of bagel flavors and some cool cream cheese flavors I think your family will like!


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