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Mohawk House

As you know, Mr. Chester and I go out to dinner A LOT. We have to for all of you, how else will you know where to chomp your chompers!!?? After one year, we ate at every restaurant in Chester, NJ and have been increasing our radius for places to eat. There are SO MANY places within 30 minutes and even more within 60 minutes, even a small portion of NY!! I do not remember how I came across Mohawk House, most likely on Instagram, because Instagram is life.

What really drew my attention to Mohawk House was the view. It is on top of a mountain and the views are amazing. It is also a very cool place. Old school but not old looking. A lot of stone and great details both inside and out. Even the bathroom had great wallpaper.

We walked through the parking lot seeing the Pat La Frieda truck, the meat supplier. I didn't know this was a place known for their steak, whoops. The door was wooden and large. There were two women with big smiles on their faces when we walked in to greet us. To the right was a large room with a bar, of course no one was in there. To the left was a large seating area, extremely high ceilings, stone and wood, with a fire place. Seems like a great place for an event or even a wedding. We were walked towards the back door, stepping down a few stone steps on to the back patio looking over about 10-12 tables 6 feet apart. There was a covering over the patio, a pergola I think it is called, yeah, yeah that.

We sat down and ordered drinks - I got the cosmo of course but I asked for extra lime juice which was my mistake. When you ask for a lot of lime juice, THEY PUT IN A LOT OF LIME JUICE, which essentially they are just giving me what I asked for. I should have let them do their thing. It was good, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't do it a real cosmo judgement. Don't worry, I slurped it right down.

After ordering our drinks, I immediately went to the back of the property where the view is. We passed outdoor bocce ball, which of course you cannot use right now because of the VID. As you walk towards the fence, you look down on what looks like a camping site and then you look ahead seeing trees in the distance, it was beautiful. It must be even more beautiful in the Fall.

We sat back down and our drinks arrived. Mine was much lighter pink in color than I would like, but again, my fault for asking for the extra lime. It was very good. Our salads came out very fast. Half the table got the wedge salad and the other half got the caesar salad. The salads were huge, easily shared among two people. I got the wedge salad. It wasn't really a wedge more so slice of an entire head of lettuce, I did not hate it. It had dressing, I am not sure what kind honestly, it did not have much flavor, blue cheese, red onion, bacon, tomato and balsamic. The blue cheese was very light, not too intense. In my older age, I like more intense blue cheese. The bite of caeser salad I tried was good, perhaps go for that.

I ordered the 8 oz. petite filet and the "loaded" baked potato. I asked for the meat medium rare, I like my meat bleeding, like my men after I st.... oh, too much? Anyway, the food came out fast as well. The filet was on it's own white, round plate. The baked potato came in a small silver dish with cheese and perhaps a little bit of sour cream on top that melted down and broccoli underneath. The steak was far from medium rare but it was the best steak I have had in years. It was soooo tender and truly melted in your mouth, it didn't even have to be medium rare.

The baked potato, meh, the cheese had melted and hardened up by the time it got to the table, which is hard to believe because it was 90 degrees outside. As I said, the sour cream had melted and disappeared and I didn't actually realize the broccoli was there as I don't really think, MMMM BROCCOLI when I think of aloaded baked potato - I think of butter, sour cream, bacon, cheese, maybe some green onions, but that's just me.

My counterparts got the pork chop with bacon, mashed potato and brussels sprouts, enjoyed very much, a sea food pasta dish, enjoyed very much, and the T-bone steak with truffle fries. They LOVED the truffle fries. Skip the baked potato and go with the truffle fries.

Of course we had to get dessert. I got a glass of sav blanc, I love the one's that are from New Zealand, don't ask me why, CUZ I DO SUSAN. They have a dessert that was seen on the Food Network, the dark chocolate sea salt molten cake, obviously we got that. We also shared, as a table, the mudslide: a rich chocolate fudge brownie, peanut butter mousse, salted chewy caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. I mean, it was delicious. The molten cake was very soft and molten-y, the peanut butter mousse was so good. I think I would recommend the mudslide over the cake.

Overall, worth the 30 minute drive from Chester? I do think so. The meat was soooo good, I am telling you. Everyone enjoyed their dish. It was a really cool spot too. You can totally have a baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, graduation party, when things go back to "normal" or a smaller gathering outside. Also, the bread is AMAZING.


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