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Ninety Acres at Natirar

My mother, Mr. Chester and I went to Ninety Acres 5 or 6 years ago for my birthday. I will be honest, we were not overly impressed with the food. I remember having the meatloaf and mashed potatoes with an onion ring on top. Due to this lack of excitement, we have actually never gone back, until NOW!

On Saturday, we were trying to get a reservation at the Mohawk House with no luck. I sent an e-mail in the morning to request a table for 4 at 6:30 pm however they only had 5 pm or 7:30 pm. Of course 5 pm was too early, Mr. Chester was at work, and 7:30 pm, my bedtime is 8 pm, even on weekends! One day we will make it there. I got home from my personal training session at Slice PT and visiting Dalcourt's Dessert and I had to find a place for Mr. Chester and his parents and I to go to dinner. I went on Open Table and Ninety Acres came up right away. I put in 4 for 6:30 pm and incredibly, they had a table at 6 pm, I was shocked. Everyone was excited to go.

Mr. Chester got home at 5:15 pm when I was getting out of the shower and he jumped in right away. I wore this dress from Rent the Runway. The silver lining to being diagnosed with breast cancer was having to get a double mastectomy and getting implants that were half the size of my previous boobs. Previously, my boobs were 32FF, no joke, they were HUGE. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome. Great cleavage, jiggle and all that jazz. I feel like after cancer, I was given the opportunity to live a second boob life. I always had to wear a bra and I could not wear certain things without looking like a stripper. Now, I can wear low cut shirts and dresses and backless things, it's awesome. I will go into my breast cancer life another time.

Anyway, we left around 5:50 pm to head to Ninety Acres. Mr. Chester wanted to take the scenic route, as he usually does (yes I do find it annoying) so we didn't get there until about 5 after 6 pm. Usually Ninety Acres is mandatory valet parking which is annoying. Due to the pandemic, it is self parking, yippee! We parked on the right side of the restaurant and walked up the side of the property. As you walked up, you see the front portion where there is seating. This is only open if the weather is good as there is no covering. I thought we were going to be sitting there.

We walked into the restaurant, it is so beautiful. I love the ambiance inside. Mr. Chester's parents were already there so we were brought out to the table right away. We sat in the back, under a large tent with lights sprawling across the top. You can see the garden from where you are sitting, very cool. On the table is bread, two different kinds, and a very thin cracker with parm, thyme, salt and other deliciousness. I love the glassware there too. It reminds me of Crate and Barrel glassware. There was water for the table as well that they continued to fill as your glass became low which is nice.

I ordered a Cosmopolitan, you know my love for a cosmo, and I like to try it at least once at every place I go. It was delicious: tart, not too much triple sec (the orange liquore) and a good pink color. We started to review the menu.

I know it can be a bit overwhelming and expensive (see below for 3 different options on how to spend $100 or less, including tip). The menu is not big which I tend to like because they are trying to do a few things amazing rather than a lot of things ok. The lobster and corn risotto caught my eye for two reasons: because corn, yum, and because it was $45, the most expensive dish on the menu. I was curious if it would actually be worth the price. I am not a huge lobster lover like many. It's good, but I don't get the hype. I asked the waitress if it was big enough to split, she said no, and she was right. I went back and forth and said eff it and ordered it. I more so ordered it because I was curious if it would be worth the $45.

We ordered the Jersey Girl burrata and kale salad to start and split as a table which you can definitely split between 4. The kale salad was delicious. It had fava beans, kale, feta, yum.

The burrata had grilled bread, delicious, and a strawberry something on the side. It did not have much flavor and I think the burrata needed salt which I think the same about burrata at about 85% of the restaurants I go to. I finished my cosmo and I always turn to wine after. I have turned into my father, Ed. Always start with a cocktail then move to wine. I got the Sav Blanc, it was ok, not great.

Biggest question, was the lobster and corn risotto worth the cost? I honestly don't know. There are a few ways you could look at it. If you love lobster, yes, it was. It had a large chunk of lobster in every single bite. If you are a risotto lover, meh, I don't think it was. It honestly tasted like a lot of butter and was a little bit more liquidy than I would like. I love risotto and I understand it is difficult but you need to take your time with the heat on low. It was not as creamy as I would have liked. The waitress was right, it is too small to split as well. If you love lobster, go for it. If you're on a budget, skip it. If you're a risotto fiend, skip it. Mr. Chester got the Griggstown chicken.

I knew I wanted to get dessert as I have seen on instagram that the pastry chef is quite good. The menu came and before I could even look at it, Mr. Chester ordered the entire menu. There were three options: salted caramel pretzel ice cream, lemon zeppoli and raspberry and peach pie. I ordered a coffee with a side of bailey's. Mr. Chester hates when I do this, for unknown reasons other than he thinks I am going to get drunk. SORRY NOT SORRY. Also could not get drunk with all the food we ate.

The dessert arrived and wow, was it beautiful. It was true artwork. The zeppolis were perfect sphere's, and there were a lot of them, accompanied by a perfect sphere of ice cream, and the same exact size!! It was an OCD dream. They were also delicious with a center filled with a lemon yumminess.

The salted caramel pretzel dessert came with three scoops of ice cream covered in whipped cream and pretzels, caramel and chocolate. The peach and raspberry pie, which is really not my jam, was very good, also with a sphere of ice cream. I would highly recommend the zeppoli if you're trying to choose one and not over order like a NORMAL person.

Great coffee as well. The milk was brought to the table warm. I LOVE that. It won't cool off your coffee. The bailey's and coffee was delicious, as it always is.

We finished dinner with a walk around the property. If anything, you don't even need to eat at Ninety Acres, just make your way to the park and drive up the hill, park and walk around. The views are amazing. There is a separate building that is the mansion. This is where many weddings happen. There was also a pool house and two pools, which I had no idea existed. This is The Club at Natirar. How do I become a part of this, asking for a friend, a connection, help. Also, next to ninety Acres, they are building high end luxury homes. Super interesting.

In the end, I definitely recommend Ninety Acres for a special event or for a nice night out. You can totally eat on a budget there, but you can also spend a lot of money. I wanted to let you know how you can go there and not spend $500. See below on my recommendation on how to spend $100 or less, including tip.

Dinner #1

Cocktail - $15

Beer - $10

Charcuterie Board to split - $29

Kale and Radicchio salad to split - $18

  • $90 with 25% tip

Dinner #2 - have cocktails at home

Kale and Radicchio salad to split - $18

Campanelle Primavera - $24

Spaghetti - $25

Coffee for two - $12

  • $98.75 with 25% tip

Dinner #3

Cocktails for 2 - $30

Farm tomato and stone fruit gazpacho - $20

Steak Tartare - $25

  • $93.75 with 25% tip

Or just go for a cocktail or two before heading to another restaurant!! You can make your budget work at any restaurant! You also do not need to leave a 25% tip of course. I feel at this time due to the restrictions on dining that perhaps the waiters, waitresses, bartenders and staff are losing out so only if you can, maybe leave a bigger tip.

Let me know if you make your way to Ninety Acres!!


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