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Nitroflex Gym - Hot yoga

I recently joined Nitroflex Gym. Let me give you a little background of my workout habits. I grew up playing soccer, all the way through high school so I was in pretty good shape. I joined a local gym in high school where all of my friends were members. Once college hit, I went to the school gym because the freshman 15 was REAL. Throughout my adult life I would join a gym here and there. I joined NBD in Morristown (I actually found a Groupon while googling for the link, CLICK HERE). I did that for a few months then stopped. I then joined Planet Fitness, did that for a few months then stopped. I THEN joined ANOTHER small gym, then we moved to Chester. I get bored, I will be honest.

After moving to Chester, NJ, I noticed Nitroflex Gym through the windows while I was picking up Chinese Food at Ho Ho Kitchen (actually some of the best Chinese food I have ever had, will review if you'd like). Anyway, I was walking to get my fatty, salty Chinese food when I see people working out, INSPIRATION. I looked online at the prices, classes, etc. and I was pretty impressed. There are A LOT of classes. At first I thought, no way all these classes are included in the membership (click to see membership deals). I e-mailed them and ALL of the classes are included except for rowing. That means spin class, hot yoga, zumba and barre are ALL included. That's amazing. You can pay up to $35 per spin class and $25 per hot yoga class at private studios. I chose to do the $69 dollar monthly membership for now since, you know, I have a record of "a few months" and done but I don't think that will be happening here.

Gym review: I am highly impressed. The gym is very big. They have machines that I have never seen before like the manual treadmill. They have saunas, beautiful locker rooms and more. I can honestly say I love this gym. (Disclaimer: not paid to say ANY of this and I pay my monthly membership!). Also, they have fresh brewed coffee at the front of the gym all the time. HELLO, COFFEE!

Hot yoga review: I was nervous that this hot yoga would be, lukewarm? Maybe not that hot and more like a regular yoga class. Boy, was I wrong. I walked into the class that was PACKED! I went up to the front of the class, only spot left, right in front of the thermostat and it read 103 degrees eventually making its way up to 107 degrees! I was pleasantly surprised. The class ran smoothly and I sure am sore!! Even if you joined the gym solely for hot yoga and paid the monthly fee, you would SAVE money rather than going to a private yoga studio. A few cons; the instructor did light a candle during the entire class. I am a little sensitive to candle smells, this one was not too bad and I was right in front of it, but did not love. Also, the class did run fairly fast without much instruction. I'm being honest with you all so you can get the full scoop.

All in all, I highly recommend Nitroflex Gym. It is truly the first gym that I feel gives you exactly what you are paying for. It is in the center of town and you can easily go to the gym then stop at Starbucks for your coffee, then go to CVS to get your prescriptions, then go to Verizon to get your phone fixed then do your grocery shopping at Shoprite all in the same shopping mall!!!

Let me know what you think about Nitroflex Gym, comment below!

(**Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, I have no affiliation to Nitroflex Gym and I pay my monthly membership all by myself!!)


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