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Satin Dauls Boudoir

A woman's sexuality is often a topic of conversation in the world, and not always in a good way. If we wear a short skirt or a low cut top, we're being too sexual. If we wear a turtle neck and a long skirt, we're prude. You never hear someone ask a man when he's going to start an OnlyFans, do you?

Every woman should be proud of their body. No matter the shape, the size, the curvature, every body is beautiful.

This is the exact message Brianne from Satin Dauls Boudoir tells the women who come through her door. Brianne started SDB less than 2 years ago. She started her photography career in the family realm before flipping the switch to boudoir.

Boudoir (n): a woman's bedroom or private room.

I started following SDB on Instagram probably about a year ago. The photos are mesmerizing and the confidence in the women's body language is beautiful. I had never thought about doing a boudoir shoot until recently. Brianne and I connected and set a date for September 7, 2022.

If I was doing this boudoir shoot 10 years ago, I would have immediately started restricting my eating, worked out insessently and been obsessed about how my body would look, and not in a good way.

During my senior year of high school, when I stopped playing soccer, that is when my disordered eating started. I was active my entire life and never worried about what I ate, until then. I became obsessed with food, which is why I went to school to be a Registered Dietitian. During college, I gained the cliche freshman 15 then went back for my second semester and restricted my eating by counting calories, only 1,300 per day and working out daily, sometimes twice a day. I didn't go out with my friends and I dropped 20 pounds. Don't get me wrong, I looked good on the outside, but was not focused on the important things in life. Due to these restrictions, I eventually ended up with binge eating disorder, BED. I would restrict what I ate then when I "gave in", I would binge. If I gave in on a Thursday, I would "start over" on Monday. This went on for a few years.

I was talking to my therapist recently and this came up. He asked how I got through this and I said as I aged, it just went away. I honestly can't say how it happened. I simply formed a much healthier relationship with food.

As many of you know, I eat what I want, when I want. The difference now, I eat until I am full and I save the rest for later. This never happened in the past. I can make a cupcake last four days. This is not because I think I "shouldn't eat it all", it's because I am satiated with the amount I have eaten. I truly enjoy every morsel of food I put in my mouth. Something that I do remember helping is thinking that I can eat it again, whenever I want. When you restrict, you have the mindset that you can't ever have the donut again so you should eat as much as you can now before you restrict again. Realizing you are in control can change your life, in more ways than one.

I didn't think about looking skinny for this shoot once. Ok, maybe it crossed my mind once or twice, but the thoughts are fleeting now. This is my body, I love it, and that's all that matters. Yes, I want my partner to love it too, but my opinion is more important. Is that selfish? You bet it is.

I met with Caitlin from The Tan Tech the night before the shoot. Looking tan is just a bonus and heck, why not! I also simply enjoy being with Caitlin, she has a great name and personality to boot!

To be honest, I did not know what to expect. I know Brianne is an extremely talented photographer, but how would I look? I had no idea.

I woke up the morning of the shoot, had my coffee, did some work, rinsed off in the shower, packed a bag with a few things, a few of Mr. Chester's Giants jerseys, some heels and a few white shirts. You can bring anythjng you want that you feel sexy in: lingerie, underwear, jewelry, shoes, anything at all, or nothing at all. Brianne has a plethora of options, A PLETHORA! And some of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen, although I haven't seen much. The two pieces of lingerie I own are from Amazon and I've worn them each once. Y'all know I love them granny panties. Although I did go to Marshalls the night before the shoot and buy a few thongs as I haven't owned a thong in years.

I packed my bag and left the house around 9 am. I was due to arrive at 10 am to start hair and make up. I wanted to try a new cafe, as I usually do, and so I stopped at Boonton coffee, just down the street from SDB studio. I've thought about going to BC for years but never got there. It is HUGE!! It is my understanding they moved to the larger space not too long ago. It is about 3 cafes worth with amazing decor and vibe. I walked in, almost tripping on the step up, and ordered a small coffee and saw the biggest cinnamon rolls I have ever seen and of course ordered it. I sat in a back room with amazing wallpaper. The cinnamon roll was delicious. A few bites in and it was time to go.

I arrived to the studio around 9:55 am. Being early is always a goal of mine. If you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late, you know. Time is respect, time is money.

Brianne opened the door with a huge smile on her face. I recognized the studio walls and chairs from all of her shoots you see on Instagram. It was such a cool thing to see. She walked me back into the hair & make up area where you see racks and racks of lingerie, all organized by color. Lisa was there for makeup and hair, you can find her at @glambylovelylisa, she is amazing. The make up was perfect and the hair was amazing. You sit down, to an already poured glass of champagne in glass shaped like a woman's body. Hair and makeup took about 90 minutes. While doing hair and makeup, we talked about colors I liked which included pink and red so she pulled a few pieces that I might like.

After hair and make up was complete, it was time to go!

I tried on the first piece, a pink piece with a floral pattern. I asked, "what if it doesn't fit", Brianne said, "then we pick something else". There are all sizes from XXS to 6XL, all body types welcome and encouraged. I went into the bathroom, with boob wallpaper on the back of the door, and tried on the lingerie. You put a plastic insert on the crotch to reduce your junk getting on it. Of course everything is throughly washed after. I put on the lingerie and immediately thought, holy shit, this is gorgeous. I came out of the bathroom and looked at Brianne and said, "omg!". The piece was beautiful and I was beautiful in it.

I was ready to go. Brianne shows you all the moves, everything from leg placement, to arching of the back, and where to put your hands. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I am very comfortable in my own skin and could be naked in front of anyone. I know a lot of people would be nervous but Brianne makes you feel so comfortable and it is just you two.

I did four outfit changes; two lingerie, one Giants jersey and then a white tank top. We did shots all over; on the bed, in front of the mirror, on the window sill, couch, chairs, oh my! The best part was the "shower". I thought she had an actual shower but it's a plastic "wall" that you move, it was great. We also did a champagne shot where I poured two whole bottles down the front of my body. It was hot!

The shoot took about 90 minutes. I went for lunch at Don's Sandwich Shop which was delicious, highly recommend you go. Brianne was reviewing the shots for about an hour. I returned and we went through all the photos and chose 30 of my favorite. She made an entire presentation in an hour!! It was amazing.

This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I had no idea my body could look the way it does. I felt sexy. I look at the photos almost daily and I'm so proud of myself. Brianne is a bad bitch CEO & founder and I love it. She makes women feel beautiful and that's a true gift.

Disclaimer: we traded product for promotion. My review remains honest and truthful.

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