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Sweet Portugal Bakery - Newark, NJ

My excitement for visiting a new bakery is on a whole other level. When the owner of Sweet Portugal Bakery reached out while I was on vacation with the family in Ocean City, NJ, I was ready to get in the car and head there immediately!

Sweet Portugal Bakery, originally named Jordan's Bakery, a play off their last name Jordao, is located on Fleming Avenue in Newark, NJ. The bakery was founded in 1989 by a Portuguese couple who came to America after the political climate in Portugal went dark. The family made their way to America one by one. First the husband, then two sons, then the rest of the family. Ana Jordao, the current owner, moved to America when she was 7 years old. Ana attended Rutgers University (RU!) and was in the sales and marketing of bakery items until the pandemic hit. Once COVID hit, it was time to make a change. Ana changed the name of the bakery to Sweet Portugal Bakery to broaden the reach and be clear on what the bakery offers. The pandemic closed down the storefront but opened the doors to delivery and wholesale which exploded in all the right ways. I truly believe there are silver linings to everything including a global pandemic. Ana and her husband now run the bakery along with dedicated staff that is like family, some of them working there for 20 years.

Newark, NJ is full of delicious and authentic food. When you walk up to Sweet Portugal Bakery, located on the corner of a busy street, you immediately feel the family vibe. There were patrons sitting, reading a book, up at the counter and conversing with staff. One person visits because he would like to learn the Portuguese language, so he listens to the conversations going on. When customers walked in, you can tell Ana knows them, giving condolences to one.

Your eyes are immediately brought to an abundance of baked goods to the right including Portuguese croissants, bread, muffins and donuts. The number of people who told me to get the pasteis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts) was astronomical (YES, I TRIED IT).

One of the best parts of visiting businesses is learning about the owners themselves. One of my main goals with this platform, with my life, with my purpose, is to bring attention not only to the business, but to the people themselves. That being said, I asked Ana a few more questions that maybe she wasn't expecting, and that was exactly my goal.

Q: Favorite color?

A: Red.

Q: What would your last meal be if you were on death row?

A: Lobster with a side of rice.

Q: What is the best part about owning a business?

A: The ability to be creative and meeting people.

Q: What is the hardest part about owning a business?

A: The pressure that it is all on your shoulders, everyone's livelihood is dependent on you.

Q: If you weren't running a bakery or in the field, what would you do?

A: Work with others and be creative.

The pasteis de nata were just as good as all of you said they would be. Ana added a sprinkle of cinnamon which I love. The crust as light and flakey with the custard being light and delicious.

The sonhos, (Portuguese dougnuts), was light and delicious. When I thought there was a mango on the inside, it was an egg yolk cream that was light and delicious.

Bacon, egg and cheese on Portugues roll. The roll was light and seemed like it has less yeast than other bread? I am not sure if that is true. It seems like there is less salt too.

The latte was delicious, hot and perfect for an 11 am, post workout yum.

Acai smoothie was full of fresh fruit and I believe the white is condensed milk??

Delicious potato croquette with chicken. I love anything with potato.

Baked bread with cured meat that was light and tasteful.

The caramel flan was extremely light and jiggly. It was not too sweet at all.

Ana also sent me home with some amazing goodies!! Ham flavored ruffle chips, extra virgin olive oil, pear jam, fine salt, white vinegar and sea salt.

Disclaimer: this was a fee-based marketing transaction which includes all content at no cost that the owner would like to be included. My thoughts and reviews remain the same if there was no fee.


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