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The Art of The Arch

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

I have always tried to keep my eyebrows acceptable, groomed and even sometimes tinted. When I was sick and lost all of my hair, including my eyebrows, I thought about microblading however it did not seem like the right time.

Today was definitely the right time! I woke up super excited to visit the one and only Noel Del Viscio at The Art of The Arch located in Chatham, NJ. I have been following Noel on Instagram for quite some time now and her work is truly art. When Noel reached out to collaborate, I did not hesitate at all. You will see why when you scroll down.

My appointment was at The Art of The Arch located within Fresh Face + Eye. Chatham is such a beautiful town. I walked up to the white house/office with black doors and walked right in pushing down on the gold handle. There was a staircase on the right and a narrow hallway going to the front desk. There were two women there, masks on, and I was asked to sit in the waiting room. They had the good mints too, the circular white ones!!

Now, this isn't like any other office. The aesthetics were off the charts. Simple yet beautiful. Two grey couches back-to-back, one facing a fireplace, another facing a work of art.

I waited for just a few minutes before Noel brought me to the second floor where there were three offices with white reclining medical chairs. I took a seat and Noel and I reviewed the process and she explained everything from front to back. We talked about what I was looking for, which really was just filling in the gaps and giving my right eyebrow a bit more arch like my left has.

We started with numbing cream on both brows that were covered with plastic for about 25 minutes. While my brows were numbing, Noel created the color she thought would be best for me. While the hair on my head is quite dark brown, my brows are a tad lighter. Noel decided on a color that matched my brows and may darken slightly over time. The color was perfect, and I trusted her fully.

Once my brows were numb, Noel cleaned them to prep for the microblading. She took a few measurements with a thin string, almost like floss. It could have been floss I did not see it actually, then, she drew the outline of the brows, freehand! It was quite amazing. Noel truly knows what she is doing.

What is microblading exactly? Microblading is a semipermanent tattoo however the main difference between a tattoo and microblading are the instruments used. Also, tattoo ink is usually more concentrated while cosmetic ink uses smaller pigmented particles.

Noel stated that while the microblading was being completed, I may sneeze, feel congestion and it may sound like Velcro, and all three happened. At first, it was not very painful at all. I actually asked, "wait, are you doing it?". She did a few strokes on the right, moving to the left and went back and forth a few times. By the end, it was quite painful but I have a high pain tolerance. She also stated she could add more numbing so that is always an option. The microblading itself took no more than 20 minutes?

I. LOVE. IT. Sure, I was nervous. It is semipermanent tattoo on my FACE! I truly trusted Noel after going through her Instagram. You can tell she knows what she is doing. Noel founded The Art of The Arch in 2016. She is an esthetician and has been since 2006 and always loved brows. One year, her friend said she was going to get her eyebrows tattooed and she said, "what, no!". Her friend explained it was microblading and looks natural, so she went along with her and fell in love with the art of increasing confidence of her clients through the art of tattooing!

My brows look extremely natural, you would have no idea they were tattooed if I did not tell you. Mr. Chester had no idea and honestly, I still don't think he understands what happened. The process was nearly painless, and Noel was amazing. She explained everything from beginning to end, giving me everything I needed for home care after. I have a follow up appointment scheduled for 5 weeks out after it heals and we see if there are any spots she wants to add a whisp of "hair" to. I am excited to go back!

The Art of The Arch

Instagram - @theartofthearch

Disclaimer: The Art of The Arch provided the services at no cost however my review and recommendations remain the same.

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