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The Publick House, Tavern & Inn

When we moved to Chester, NJ in June 2018, we were ordering take out a decent amount while acclimating to our new kitchen, Shoprite and surroundings. One place we ordered from was The Publick House, Tavern.... and just found out it is an actual Inn as well! I remember ordering the white brick oven pizza and it was quite delicious.

We finally made it out to The Publick House. A few days after the snowstorm on November 15th, what a storm that was. We went to The Publick House for an early, casual meal. We got there around 5:45 pm and decided to sit in the bar area. It was not too busy as it was still early. There were three seats left at the bar and we grabbed two. We made it JUST IN TIME for the end of happy hour! They have happy hour everyday, even on weekends, from 4-6 pm. A few appetizers; chicken wings, onions rings, bar pie, clams and more are 50% off and house wine, beer and liquor are $5! That is quite a deal. We quickly ordered the chicken wings, BBQ style (mild and spicy available as well). The Mr. got a Jersey citrus beer and I got a house bourbon with ginger ale, usually my cocktail of choice is Jameson and ginger ale however can't beat $5. We both got the burger for dinner; American cheese and sautéed onions for me, swiss cheese and bacon for him. They were really good burgers, really hit the spot after a day of shoveling for him and a workout at Nitroflex Gym for me.

The ambiance was great. The dining room area was updated however the bar area seemed classic and original and I loved it. When sitting at the bar, it seemed like there were regulars there. I've always wanted to become a regular somewhere. The bartender was very attentive, making sure to fill waters and go up to everyone at the right times. Our food came out quickly.

Drink review: The Mr. really liked his citrus beer. I am not a beer drinker however I took a sip. It smelled delicious and tasted pretty good too. The glasses are chilled which is always nice. My cocktail was good, not the best bourbon however it was house and it was $5 after all. The bartender was very nice and was calm and took care of A LOT of people.

Dinner review: The Mr. really liked the wings. They were the the type that were fried then dipped in sauce. A little too much sauce for me but he loved them and I don't love wings like him so, double thumbs up from him. We both really enjoyed the burgers. They were juicy and done well, not overdone. We take our burgers and steak medium rare. Cheese was melted, big pet peeve when it's not, and the onions on my burger were per(rrr)fectly cooked. Recommend for sure!

We actually went back with the in-laws (yes, not married but still call them my in-laws) on Tuesday for a little celebration and happy hour! We got there around 5:30 pm and sat at the bar again. We are becoming bar sitters, never have been before. I got the house vodka with club & cranberry juice. It was honestly delicious. We started with the jalapeño poppers & wings again. The jalapeño poppers were great! Not too spicy and the cheese was delicious. The in laws got the burgers and loved them. I got the mushroom risotto and was truly impressed. It was salted perfectly and tasted delicious. The Mr. got the ham calzone and it was great.

Drink review: I loved my cocktail, it was delicious. Of course it was happy hour as well so $5!

Dinner review: I was very impressed by the mushroom risotto. It was a large dish as well and I ate the rest for lunch the next day.

Highly recommend!

(**Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, I have no affiliation to The Publick House, Tavern and Inn and we paid for drinks and dinner!)


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