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Wanna get waxed?

Do ya?

One of my followers asked where she could get a good Brazilian wax around the north jersey area. I haven't gotten anything waxed on my bod in a good 10 years. Luckily, I don't get any bumps or razor burn when I shave so I just go, go, go and get the hair off the good ole' fashion way. However, after asking all of you where someone can get waxed in the area, I am feeling inspired.

Just so we are on the same page or there are some men wondering, a Brazilian wax is when everything down there gets waxed, EVERYTHING. The front, the back, the sides, the lips, the cheeks, everything.

I went to European Wax in Bridgewater, NJ years ago and I always enjoyed it. I remember going into the freezing cold room, taking my pants off, laying on the paper and spreading eagle. It's always great when your V hole is truly exposed and the waxer is asking if you're going on vacation anytime soon. Also, the lights are so bright. This person has seen your vagina better than you ever will. It's so interesting to me. After your lips are waxed, you then hold your knees up high and it's time for some butthole waxing. Again, this person has literally seen your butthole in greater detail than you ever will or even your significant other, at the same time asking what you are going to eat for lunch later. Waxing is so funny.

My most embarrassing waxing story. This is back in high school, so I wasn't as confident as I am now so I was MORTIFIED, I guess I would be now? The waxer gets going, talking about this and that. Eventually, she says, so, when are you supposed to get your period? Now, mind you, I was not tracking or even aware of when I get my period back then. So, I said, "oh, I am not sure, why?"... it looks like you got it. OMFG. I was truly so embarrassed. Not only is she looking at my clitoris, labia, v hole, and butthole, but there is blood. I have to give her credit, I cleaned up a bit and she kept going. Let's just say that's when I stopped getting waxed. I mean, I guess she has seen it before and maybe worse?! I don't know.

Anyway, enough about vaginas and buttholes, I wanted to share all of the places people recommended in the north jersey area.

Luciana Skincare - 19 E Main Street Suite 4, Mendham, NJ

Instagram -@lucianaskincarenj

- recommended twice

Waxing City - 343 Mount Hope Ave, Rockaway, NJ

Instagram - @waxingthecityrockaway

- one person specifically recommended Meaghan

- recommended twice

The Petite Aesthetician - 1599 County Rd 517, Allamuchy Township

Instagram - @thepetiteaesthetician

- recommended 6 times!

Waxed by V - 158 NJ-10, Succasunna, NJ

Instagram - @waxed_by_v

- recommended twice

Iris Tree - 380 US-206, Chester, NJ

Instagram - @iristree_stores

- recommended twice

Magnus Hair Salon - 370 Pittstown Road, Pittstown, NJ

Instagram - unknown

Selfcare by Kristen

Instagram - @selfcarebykristen

Spa Rejuv - 59 Minebrook Road, Bernardsville, NJ

Instagram - @spa_rejuv

Lashology Xtreme Lash & Spa - 2487 Lamington Road, Bedminster, NJ

Instagram - @lashologynj

Radiant Waxing - 8 South Street, Morristown, NJ

Instagram - @radiantwaxing_morristown

- recommended twice

Cerabella - 3117 State Route 10, Denville, NJ

Instagram - @cerabellaesthetics

Girl from Ipanema Spa - 95 Summit Avenue, Summit, NJ

Instagram - unknown

- recommended twice

Charm Aesthetics - 6 E Main Street, Clinton, NJ

Instagram - unknown

Bloom Studio - 2 Maple Avenue, Morristown, NJ

Instagram - @bloommorristown

Brazilian Beauty - 652 Main Road, Towaco, NJ

Instagram - @brazilianbeautybycamilla

I have not been to any of these locations, and these are recommendations from followers on @ms.chester_nj. No businesses paid to be on this list.

Let me know your experience if you go!


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