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OMG Burger & Brew

One of the best things about living in Chester, NJ is the access we have to so many different towns. In Long Valley, less than 10 minutes down the road, OMG Burger & Brew just opened. I LOVE BURGERS. I googled it and I WAS IN!(!!!!!!). The burgers looked so(oooo) good. The Mr., whom may now be called Mr. Chester, and I were talking about what our last meal would be if we were going to the electric chair. Yeah, sometimes we talk about that, no one else? His top choices were pizza or short ribs, mine could honestly be a cheeseburger, but maybe meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

ANYWAY, we heard it was packed opening night so we decided to make a reservation on open table. I love when you can make a reservation on open table, it's so easy. Friday and Saturday night were booked until 9 pm so we decided on Sunday at 6 pm with two friends who live in Long Valley.

We arrived around five of 6. The building is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. We walked in and there were so many things to look at. The bar is awesome. Many seats, great light fixtures, televisions for the sports lovers (Mr. Chester). The light fixtures you see were custom made. On one side of the wall they have all the flights - you can get a flight of beer with up to 20 beers!!! Will have to go back with our beer loving family. There is seating on the first floor as well as the second floor. The second floor also has a small bar - my secret to you, don't tell your friends!

We were brought up to the second floor. Water served in different bottles like old whiskey, vodka glass shapes, pretty cool. There are so many things to choose from. Appetizers including onions rings, fries and calamari and some different things like cauliflower wings, cheese curds and sweet corn nuggets. There are 8 burgers, 2 fish sandwiches, 1 chicken sandwich, and 1 hot dog. You can also make your own burger, including a vegan option; the impossible burger. I did not try it but I will in the future. There are also salads and entrees. They sound delicious including the spicy thai salad with corn, cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, asian dressing and more. YUM. Mr. Chester had a beer which he thought was great. We started off with the candied bacon and sweet corn nuggets. The corn nuggets could be eaten for dessert too, they have cinnamon and brown sugar on the outside, quite delicious! I ended up getting the OMG burger - sliced cheddar, OMG sauce (house made aioli with oven roasted tomato and spicy chili paste), lettuce, caramelized onions with onion rings on top (I LOVE ONION RINGS). I think it is always best to start off with the classic burger when going to a new restaurant. It came on a pretzel bun however I switched it for the potato bun. Mr. Chester got the Jersey Burger - taylor ham and egg, our friends got the brie and berry burger and the red, white and blue burger - blue cheese, caramelized onion, balsamic glaze and micro greens - "I could eat this burger any day of the week", end quote!

When I started this blog, I told myself I would be totally honest. OMG Burger and Brew opened less than a week ago therefore there will be things to work on. The candied bacon was more peppercorned than candied. I would recommend more brown sugar, less peppercorn, thicker cut and crispier. The burgers don't come with fries, it is a la carte if you will. The burgers are served in bowls, a little odd, the Mr. did not like this very much. They also ran out of a few things on the menu. Again, they just opened.

Dinner review: all in all, we will definitely be going back to OMG Burger and Brew. I believe things will only get better each day. The burgers and beers are the main attraction and they are the best part of the place. The ambiance is perfect for any day of the week; Friday with friends, Sunday Funday to watch football, or an easy Monday night meal. The owners of OMG Burger and Brew also own restaurant village - have you been? La Rienda, one of best Mexican restaurants for miles, catered our housewarming party and people were RAVING! Chesapeake Tavern has a great happy hour and possibly the best cocktail I have ever had; grapefruit, elderflower and more deliciousness.

I am excited to continue to share with you my honest and informative reviews of all of the restaurants in Chester, Mendham, Long Valley, Flanders, Mt. Olive, Morristown and more. I better get to the gym otherwise I'll be rolling around town, but I'll do it for y'all!

(**Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, I have no affiliation to OMG Burger and Brew and we paid for our entire bill!)


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