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Art Class with Mary Shadbolt

Do you remember art class when you were younger? I’m sure it was one of your favorite classes. I remember my art teacher being one of my favorite teachers.

I was lucky enough to meet Mary Shadbolt, CEO and founder of Art Class with Mary Shadbolt located in Denville, NJ. Mary is a professional artist and certified teacher with a BFA in illustration, triple minor in art history, drawing and photography. She has over 15 years of teaching experience and over 25 years as a professional artist and photographer. Her passion is to teach others the ability to create something beautiful and make people aware that art is more than just ”dead white guys”.

After earning her degrees, Mary decided she wanted to teach so she received her certification and started teaching in public school. Mary always had the feeling that she wanted to open her own art school. She started teaching art classes anywhere she could; preschools, backyards, kitchens, party rooms, bakeries, exercise studios, and more. Mary wanted to share her love for art with everyone.

Mary opened Art Class with Mary Shadbolt in Denville, NJ in 2018, recently moving into a new studio and celebrating her 4 year anniversary. There are bright colors on the horizon for Mary however it wasn’t always easy. COVID-19 had a devastating effect on her business like many others. She was closed for 6 months, 187 days to be exact, and created anything and sold anything she could to stay afloat. Mary held virtual art classes, was on Facebook live, sold art kits for different holidays and sold anything in her studio that wasn’t nailed down to survive the pandemic.

It is a story with a happy ending. Mary recently celebrated the grand opening of her new studio in Denville, NJ, just below her old studio. The Mayor was there and cut the ribbon to start the official grand opening of her new studio. Mary was surrounded by family, friends and students supporting her new space and continuing her dream of teaching the art of … art!

Mary teaches classes for K-12 which includes kids, adolescents as well as adults. Art class isn't just for kids, adults can and should enjoy it as well. When Mary and I were speaking, we talked about how art is everywhere, not just on paper or in a photograph, it is in floral designs, make up, baking and more. I myself consider my make up routine art. When I choose a specific eyeshadow or lipstick, it is a form of art.

You can find all of Mary's art classes here and follow her on Instagram here.

Disclaimer: this was a paid promotion to support a local business.


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