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Pheasant Lane Designs

Do you ever wonder how Interior Designers do what they do? How, HOW do they create such beautiful spaces and make it look so effortless? I met with Elizabeth Ruffalo, CEO and Founder of Pheasant Lane Designs a few weeks ago at LOKL Cafe in Morristown, NJ and I asked her how she does it. Liz looked at me and said, "honestly, I don't know, it just happens". We went on to talk about how she can see different items, put them together in her head and see how they work together then bring it to life. I think that is what us common folk are missing, the ability to see hundreds of items: paint, light fixtures, tables, chairs, rugs, and more, then put them in one room or one house in a thoughtful and meaningful way to bring their clients dreams to reality.

While we were at the coffee shop, Liz took out her computer and showed me design boards, layouts, full on drawings that her and her team create in order to bring their ideas to life to show their clients before actually creating it in the real world. Liz and her team also use a designer platform to keep everything organized. They work with many clients at a time, sometimes working on a room, sometimes multiple or even a whole house.

Let's talk more about Liz herself. This is a second career for Liz, with a "Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University, she worked in the engineering industry for several years. This career enabled her to pursue a knack for creative problem solving while cultivating a passion for human-centric design. After receiving a second degree in Interior Design from Parsons’ New School for Design, she decided to forge her own path and combine her love of people and fine art with a methodical approach. Liz grew up in New Jersey, on Pheasant Lane, and strives to share her dedication, values and passion with all of her clients."

I asked Liz what her style is, and I said I think it is "class chic" and she agreed. Now that I am looking at her portfolio again, I'd like to add cozy, which I think you all know is important to me. I absolutely love Liz's design and eye. It is welcoming, comfortable as well as being classically beautiful.

"Pheasant Lane Designs is proud to serve Somerset Hills and Morris County in New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Founded in 2016, our business is dedicated to bringing intentional, well-crafted spaces to life. We create interiors to call home—whether for work, play, or life. We’re backed by strategic industry relationships which enable us to execute any project or vision.

Pheasant Lane Designs is committed to putting your needs and personality first by honoring treasured items and intentions while always maintaining a high level of sophistication and taste. We’re always looking to channel the love and human connections that make life so special. We can’t wait to get to know you and make your design dreams come true."

If you have been thinking about hiring an Interior Designer, I recommend you reach out to Liz.

Follow Liz on Instagram at @pheasantlanesesigns.

Quotes are taken from Pheasant Lane Design website.

Disclaimer: this was a paid marketing experience.


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