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My college roommate and I met for brunch today at Homesick, a new (I believe) restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ. I started my college career at Monmouth University before transferring to Rutgers. Monmouth is in such a great town and running to the beach was amazing. Long Branch and Pier Village are awesome.

Funny story. I went through a time during sophomore year, I went to Monmouth for two years, where I was eating super healthy. Insanely “healthy”, when actually it was unhealthy. I gained the (legitamate) freshman fifteen and then during the beginning of my sophomore year I was being very restrictive. I would measure and weigh my food, I was barely going out drinking, working out sometimes twice a day. It wasn’t good but dang I looked good.

Anyway, since I was eating so healthy, when I ate anything heavy, my stomach wouldn’t love it. We went to Turning Point for breakfast one day and I got pancakes and ate a lot. Pancakes are delicious, especially fluffy buttery ones. So, I enjoyed those then I went for a run that afternoon. Again, I said my stomach wouldn’t do so good after eating heavy. I was on mile 2, half way, when my stomach started to RUMBLE. Luckily, they were doing construction and there was a port a potty. Well, I went to the bathroom, A LOT. I would try to start running again, then would have to go back. Honestly, probably for 30 minutes. Eventually I said to myself, let’s go, we can do this, me and my butt. So, I ran, and walked some. I was almost there, so close, around the corner, SO CLOSE. Yup, it happened. I leaned down on one knee, watching boys off in the distance playing football, and I pooped my pants. Do you remember those running shorts that have short/underwear things in them? I mean I guess they still have them. I was wearing them thank goodness so everything stayed in. I immediately got in the shower and threw those suckers out. I mean, listen, it happens.

Anyway, this is about Homesick. My college roommate Brittany and I met for brunch today after not seeing eachother for over two years. I recommend you reach out to your old friend or roommate if you haven’t talked in awhile. It felt so good, it’s like we were transported back to 2008. We had an 11 am reservation and we were both early, as usual. We went inside. It was cute, very nicely done, large bar, a bit dark. We sat outside which was also cute, on the sidewalk closer to the street. The plates were pink and the tables white.

We looked at the menu after jumping right into conversation about college. My nickname was Westy because I lived on the west side of the building I think? We looked at the cocktails first. Normally I would go for a mimosa but the watermelon sangria caught my eye. It had mint and nothing makes a cocktail better than some mint.

We looked at the menu, which was pretty big, I was surprised. More than one of you reached out saying the food was average so I was super curious. The biscuit and butter was a must and then a pop tart was below it, we got both. Britt picked out the lemon blueberry pancakes and we decided on a omelet for some protein. We split everything, as everyone should. If you don’t split your meals, it’s time to find a therapist.

The cocktails came and they were both delicious. Mine was light and refreshing and I didn’t catch any type of buzz, which is good and bad. Everything came out less than 10 minutes later, the service was great. The biscuit was delicious, light and fluffy and the butter was amazing. Room temperature which is A MUST, DO NOT SERVE COLD BUTTER. That is always my first test. It was salted perfectly. The pop tart was chocolate strawberry, flaky and melt in your mouth. The pancakes were full of fresh blueberries with delicious maple syrup. No, I didn’t poop my pants after eating them, if anyone was wondering but probably not. The omelet was ham and cheese, the thick cut ham too which I love, paired with a nice, simple salad. It was maybe 2% over dressed but delightful.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the meal at Homesick. I would go back for brunch anytime and would love to try lunch or dinner.

Homesick is located at 522 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ. Instagram - @lovehomesick


There was no monetary transaction or product traded for writing this work of art. I apologize to Homesick for incorporating my poop story into their review.


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